A powerful WordPress plugin that makes it possible
for anyone to create immersive longform articles for the web

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Works in WordPress

Create modern, expressive articles alongside your other online content. Snowball seamlessly integrates with your Wordpress install.

Beginners Welcome

Snowball's user-friendly interface allows you to create unique articles without writing a single line of code.

Level Up

Enhance your content by adding a dash of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

How It Works

Content Blocks

Build your article one block at a time. Snowball supports many types of content, including images, videos, forms, and data visualizations.

User-Friendly Interface

With our interface, you can easily add content, style it, and see your changes instantly take effect.

Code Editor

Inspect and add code to fully customize your article. You can even create custom block types. The sky's the limit.


The articles below have been created using Snowball.

Found in Translation by Adam Hermann
Faith in the Full Court by Noel Forte
Cassius Stanley: Smooth Operator by Jake Liker
South Edmonton’s Surprising Deer Paradise by Mel Priestly
La Navigation de la Mer by Adam Hermann

About the Developers

Snowball is a free plugin built by the openHTML research group at Drexel University. We've designed Snowball to bridge the gap between easy WYSIWYG editors and powerful code editors, making it a fine choice for the budding coder!

Read more about our goals in this blog post or visit our GitHub repository.

Interested in using Snowball for your news organization or journalism class? Contact Thomas Park at